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SEMO Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a totally new photo booth concept!  

The camera is concealed behind a large round mirror.  Once a guest touches the mirror it displays customized animations and messages to guide them through their photo booth session. 

The Magic Mirror interacts with guests in real time and guides them to follow prompts that can be customized for any event.  After the  photos are taken, the mirror asks the guest to sign their photo or add a personalized message.   The signature or image is then printed on the photo! 

Why use SEMO Magic Mirror Photo Booth
  • It's a totally new concept that your guests have never seen before.

  • Touch screen mirror allows guests to interact with photo booth and sign their photos.

  • Preview your prints before printing and print one for everyone in the group.

  • Fit as many guests in front of the mirror as you can--no limits due to a tight enclosed photo booth. 

  • Personalized photo templates and animations available.