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SEMO Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a revolutionary photo booth concept!  

Our professional camera is concealed behind a large round mirror and produces high quality photos.  We create a personalized touch to start screen for your event that allows your guests to start their photo booth session.  Each Magic Mirror photo booth session includes a count down and compliment between each photo.  Choose between 1, 2, or 3 photos for your event.  Prints can be 4"x6" or 2"x6" strips, your choice for your event!  Photos are printed on site in less than 20 seconds!   Photos can also be sent by  text, if wi-fi is available at no additional charge.   

Why use SEMO Magic Mirror Photo Booth
  • It's a new photo booth concept that will amaze your guests!

  • Touch screen mirror allows guests to interact with the Magic Mirror.

  • Preview your prints before printing and print one for everyone in the group.

  • Have fun getting as many guests in front of the mirror as you can--no limits due to a tight, enclosed photo booth.  How many people can you get in your photo?!

  • Personalized photo template and touch to start screen available at  no extra cost!

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